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Ever wanted to negotiate prices at the shouk, watch Israeli TV shows and understand what your Israeli co-workers are saying? At Integraliah, you’ll learn Hebrew in a fun, dynamic and practical way while connecting to the uniquely amazing Israeli society and culture.
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Sudents in Israel and abroad
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Say Integraliah gave them the confidence to SPEAK Hebrew!

Learn The Fundamentals

Read, write, conjugate verbs and build sentences like an Israeli.

Dare To Speak

It's not only about learning Hebrew, it's about speaking it! In every class, you'll have to talk and express your opinion!

Connect to your Israeli Identity

Our classes will expose you to crucial aspects of the Israeli culture: the main Israeli politicians, tv shows, singers, writers, historical events...Be ready!

Small Groups And Flexible Hours

Programs from 8am to 10pm every day, and for all levels! Not more than 7 students in each class.

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Watch our videos and kickstart your Hebrew in 30 seconds!

What will you learn?


Your goal is to be able to read and write perfectly in Hebrew 


Your goal is to be able to deal with all the daily life situations in Hebrew and having your first conversations with Israelis !


Your goal is to be able to express yourself and react in Hebrew, get to know the Israeli slang, culture and society!


Your goal is to watch TV shows and news, express your opinion in Hebrew
without feeling limited or frustrated !


finally break the language barrier : speak, read and write like a “tzabar” in all the fields that are relevant to the Israeli life



So happy I chose this program! With Integraliah, I learned more in two short weeks than in all of last year. The teachers make it enjoyable, interactive… and are always trying different approaches to keep it interesting. Thank you!

Community Manager​

Best learning method for day-to-day Hebrew! That  changes from traditional Ulpan: small groups, passionated teachers and the lessons focus on what we really need to manage our lives in Israel!  

Maths teacher​

Passionate and invested teachers, original and entertaining pedagogy, studious and relaxed working atmosphere, the Ulpan is based in the… center of Tel Aviv! In brief, the Ulpan is great no matter what you are looking for! To try urgently before there are not seat available anymore!!

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Our Location IN Netanya


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