3 Amazing Opportunities To Improve Your Hebrew

3 amazing opportunities to improve your hebrew ths Summer

Forget about notebooks and join our upcoming events to practice and improve your Hebrew in the most efficient and fun way!

✅Practice Yoga….In Hebrew! 
Join a three-session yoga course – TAUGHT in simple Hebrew and formulated specifically for Olim who wish to improve their Hebrew in a fun, fit, and practical way!
➡Information and registration here: https://urlz.fr/9ZXe

✅Theater and Improvisation Workshop In Hebrew
Do you know a lot of words but still can’t be natural and persuasive? Integraliah invites you to an exceptional one hour workshop to improve your Hebrew skills while trying out improvisation and theater. The workshop will be lead by Elaine Shor, an actress and drama teacher who understands what it means to be an Oleh because her parents both made Aliyah.   
➡Information and registration here: https://urlz.fr/9ZXg

✅TEN TEN TLV is back!
Do you want to meet Israelis and improve your Hebrew at the same time? Join 55 minutes of conversation between Israelis and olim with one rule: speak only Hebrew. We provide the topics for conversation, tea and coffee, and welcome friendly, curious and patient Israelis. 

➡Join us: https://urlz.fr/9PoB

See also  June 24th - TEN TEN TLV: Speak Hebrew with Israelis

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