Black Space (BlackSpace) the new best israeli series on Netflix

blackspace israel series

Released quietly, the Israeli series Black Space (or BlackSpace) seems to be a surprise hit for Netflix. Certainly your first question about BlackSpace : is the series available for download, in streaming, in torrent or to watch online? We don’t know. What we do know is that the series has not received much promotion, nor […]

Le casting de Shtisel et tout ce que vous devez savoir sur la saison 3

shtisel cast

Le casting de Shtisel : Voici les acteurs principaux de Shtisel. Cliquez sur les liens pour voir à quoi ils ressemblent en vrai. Doval’e Glickman joue Shulem Shtisel dans 26 épisodes, 2013-2020.  Michael Aloni joue Akiva Shtisel dans 26 épisodes, 2013-2020  Neta Riskin joue Giti Weiss dans 25 épisodes, 2013-2020  Shira Haas joue Ruchama Weiss […]

What Does Aliyah Mean?

aliyah israel plane

Aliyah is a Hebrew word literally meaning “ascent” or “spiritual elevation”. This term refers to the act of immigration to the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel, in Hebrew) by a Jew. Jewish immigrants are called olim. In contrast, the act of a Jew emigrating outside of Israel is called yeridah which means “descent” and Jewish […]

Yitzhak Rabin : 10 things you may ignore about him

Bill Clinton, Yitzhak Rabin, Yasser Arafat at the White House 1993-09-13

1. Yitzhak Rabin was born in Jerusalem on March 1, 1922 under the British mandate but by the time he turned 1, his family moved to Tel Aviv. 2. Yitzhak Rabin’s father was a rabbi but nevertheless sent him to a Catholic school. 3. Yitzhak Rabin continued his schooling as a teenager in an agricultural […]

200 Hebrew Baby Names for Boys

hebrew name baby boy

Why Hebrew baby names for boys on Ulpan Integraliah? Hebrew baby names are one of the hot topics in israeli couples, in jewish couples all around the world.  No need to study in an Ulpan (schools where one learn hebrew language) if you want to find a hebrew name for a baby boy. In Israel, […]

Success Story #4: Altynay ne parlait pas un mot d’hébreu…

Altynay, Student at Ulpan Integraliah

Voici Altynay, élève depuis quelque temps à l’ulpan Integraliah. Altynay est partie de zéro: nous avons appris ensemble l’alphabet jusqu’à arriver à son niveau d’aujourd’hui; Ses progrès sont impressionnants. Altynay peut désormais se débrouiller dans toutes les situations du quotidien en hébreu, regarder des séries israéliennes sans sous-titres et exprimer son opinion sur à peu […]

פדיחה – Let’s Learn a new word in Hebrew Online

In this video we will learn the hebrew word “Fadicha”. Fadicha means “embarrassment”. Learn hebrew online with Ulpan Integraliah. Stay tuned so you will not miss any new word ! Here is another one for you 🙂 Ulpan Integraliah – Learn Hebrew Online Today we will learn a new word ! Fadicha. LEARN HEBREW FAST […]

Shtisel Cast and All You Need to Know About Season 3

shtisel cast

Shtisel cast Here are Shtisel main actors. Click the links so you see what they look like in real. Doval’e Glickman is playing Shulem Shtisel in 26 episodes, 2013-2020  Michael Aloni is playing Akiva Shtisel in 26 episodes, 2013-2020  Neta Riskin is playing Giti Weiss in 25 episodes, 2013-2020  Shira Haas is playing Ruchama Weiss […]

Valley of Tears: the new Israeli series

Valley of tears israeli serie

Valley of Tears: the most expensive show ever made in Israel The writers of the Israeli show Valley of Tears confess that they were afraid to deal with this subject because Israeli society is still traumatized by Yom Kippur War, so they tried to be as close as possible to reality and facts. What is […]