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how to learn hebrew

How to learn Hebrew by myself in 2022 ?

Before starting to apprendre l’hébreu , let’s dive a little bit into Hebrew history…

Hébreu is first the language of the Bible (Torah) and was once strictly reserved for the recitation of prayers.

learn hebrew

Hébreu is both an ancient and modern language.

150 years ago, with the strengthening of the Zionist movement and the return of many Jews to Eretz Israel, Hebrew language was modernized into a living language capable of expressing modernity.

At the origin of this revolution of Hebrew language : Mr. Eliezer Ben Yehuda.

Today, globally, over 9 million people speak Hebrew language on a daily basis.

Hebrew language , along with Arabic, is the official language of the state of Israel.

In modern Hebrew language , “Hebrew” is “ִעְבִרית / ivrit”

What is the easiest way to learn Hebrew?

learn hebrew

You want to learn hebrew?

You want to learn ANY language?

Speak it!

No matter where you come from.

We have students from all around the world who speak close to perfect hebrew!

Do not fear making mistakes and take every opportunity to parler l'hébreu , even if you started learning parler l'hébreu a few days or weeks ago.

Take the plunge, this is the only way to progress.

There are countless opportunities: you’re in a line at the doctor’s office, or you’re on a cab ride with a talkative driver, you’ve got a new colleague at work.

If you don’t live in Israel or don’t have the opportunity to meet Israelis often, join the Integraliah community on Facebook – every month Ulpan Integraliah offers free lessons and practice sessions so that you can parler l'hébreu and make PROGRESS;

What is the most effective way to learn Hebrew?

Read it!

Don’t put the alphabet aside, avoid learning phonics.

Start by learning the 22 letters of the Hebrew Alphabet and do plenty of reading exercises to memorize them.

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At first, you might feel like you’re wasting time, but in reality: you will save a lot! Not much is phonetic in real life in Hébreu.

What easy texts can you read in Hebrew?

Billboards, entertaining Facebook statuses, newspaper headlines.

Start with short things and go for it!

Use your free time to apprendre l’hébreu: listen to Israeli music and watch Hebrew TV shows (even with subtitles, it helps!).

Top 5 things to do to apprendre l’hébreu

Hebrew TV show with subtitles available online.

The main advantage of the shows are that they expose you to real Hebrew, everyday, normal, street people – not the news, ulpan books or your teachers.

In addition, they allow you to penetrate the heart of Israeli society and discover environments that you do not necessarily know.

At first you will probably want to give up.

Be patient, little by little you will understand more and more.

Our advice: start with the Shtisel series, the characters speak slowly

Is Hebrew hard to learn? Is it difficult to learn Hebrew?

Gaining a basic level and the ability to conduct your first conversations is not very difficult.

If you think about it for a moment: Hebrew is the official language of the state of Israel, a country to which Jewish immigrants from all over the world have flocked for 70 years.

All of these immigrants had no choice but to learn Hebrew and they succeeded!

So it must be possible. If you study Hebrew seriously for 3 months you will be able to acquire a good foundation.

learn hebrew online

On the other hand, the two main difficulties are as follows:

Succeed in reading without the vowels.

In real life, Israelis don’t use vowels, they only write consonant letters.

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For example, the word ״בננה״ or “banana” could just as easily read “binane” or “benana” if you don’t know it.

There are rules of grammar, spelling and reading that will help you read more easily, but generally speaking: you can only read a word correctly if you know it.

Become bilingual.

Acquiring a good foundation is not very complicated.

The real difficulty arises when you actually want to break down the language barrier and speak / write like an Israeli.

In short, getting fluent can take a long time.

How to write Hebrew letters

There are two aspects to Hebrew writing systems today, the square script used in printing, and the so-called cursive script used when writing.

The alphabet contains 22 letters.

This alphabet is called ʾaleph beth in Hebrew, from the name of its first two characters.

Hebrew is read right to left, like Arabic.

How do you say “hello” in Hebrew?

learn hebrew online

Here is a first conversation guide.

Shalom שלום hello, peace

Toda תודה thank you

Bevakasha בבקשה you’re welcome

Leitraot להתראות goodbye

Where to learn Hebrew? What’s the best app for learning Hebrew?

For beginners – For learning your first words, Loecsen.

All words are written in Hebrew, spoken in Hebrew, and illustrated.

The site offers vocabulary by theme, including taxi, feelings, the beach.

The learning is done in French. Site https://www.loecsen.com/fr/cours-hebreu

How can I learn Hebrew online? What is the best app to learn Hebrew?

For intermediate students and non-beginners: Duolinguo.

This worldwide application offers modules for learning different languages, including Hebrew.

Please note: you must master the alphabet to start your sessions on Duolinguo.

A real beginner cannot start with this.

You will learn vocabulary, grammar points, via the unstoppable method of Duolinguo – at your own pace!

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Take an online Hebrew course with ulpan Integraliah

Today there are many programs for learning Hebrew available online and they are of very high quality.

You study in a small group, with people from all over the world, via zoom, with an Israeli professor.

Ulpan Integraliah offers programs for beginner ‘level 0’ to very advanced levels to learn Hebrew online.

Each program combines two types of courses:

grammar lessons to master the basics of Hebrew which allow you to write, read and speak without mistakes.

Coaching courses: practice sessions around everyday themes or related to Israeli culture to talk and jump into the water.

On the program: negotiating a price, expressing a feeling, going to a job interview, laughing and joking in Hebrew, watching your first Israeli series.

Watch videos in simplified Hebrew

The web is full of simplified Hebrew videos that allow you to hear Hebrew and improve your understanding.

As soon as you have the basics, try the “Easy Hebrew” videos.

In each video, Israelis speak in simplified Hebrew about everyday topics.

It allows you to memorize new vocabulary and hear Israelis even if you don’t live in Israel.

Also try the ones from “Ulpan Integraliah” –

In each video, an ulpan teacher focuses on a word, phrase or everyday topic.

You learn vocabulary that you can write, read and use orally.

The examples are very easy to understand!

Learn Hebrew Fast with Hebrew Podcast

Learning Hebrew is easier when one can listen to some expressions over and over again, in some contexts.

We generally learn hebrew, or languages in general, over different situations.

For instance, I personally thought I’de learnt hebrew and I had a descent hebrew level until I started driving course and I realized I new no word about driving in hebrew.

Sais-tu quel est ton niveau d'hébreu ?

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