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Ulpan Integraliah was created in Israel by immigrants for immigrants.  

It is the bridge between aliyah and integration.

Coming to live in Israel either temporarily or forever is one thing.

Integrating into the Israeli population is another matter.

Through our experience, we have put together courses and activities using all the methods that we know work best for learning lively and quality Hebrew.

Our teachers and coaches, who are all Israeli and real teaching rockstars, adapt to your level and personality so that over time, you will be speaking Hebrew perfectly.

We have only one goal: that you will become one of the thousands of success stories that have been born at Ulpan Integraliah.

Find the job of your dreams, make friends, start a family… in short, “Be Happy In Israel.”  That’s our only motto and we are convinced that learning Hebrew well at Ulpan Integraliah, can help you get there.


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Is Hebrew easy to learn?

Hebrew has a different alphabet than the one we use for Latin languages for example. The letters in Hebrew are different. Therefore, Hebrew is a complicated language to learn.

However, the way Hebrew grammar is constructed is quite simple. It uses the root of a word and conjugates it in gender and number as well as in the active and passive forms. The number of words in Hebrew is small. 

Ancient Hebrew had only 7,000 words and modern Hebrew has about 33,000 words. To give you a comparison, English has over 170,000 words (and about 50,000 more words that are obsolete). Therefore, Hebrew is not a difficult language to learn once you have learned the alphabet and understood the grammar. All you need is a bit of vocabulary and you’ll be able to speak Hebrew. Ulpan Integraliah gives you the method to learn Hebrew very quickly and perfectly.

How can I teach myself Hebrew?

You will have no choice but to go through the alphabet. Without it you will be extremely limited in learning Hebrew.

If you are learning the alphabet we can advise you to start like the Israeli children, who also have to learn Hebrew. 

Children’s books or stories are a great way to learn the basics in Hebrew. 

You can then move on to Hebrew music. You will be able to understand the lyrics by reading the text and improve your pronunciation of the words and their conjugation. 

The Israeli series will also give you a lot of background information. You will know which words to use, when and with whom. It will also help you understand the Israeli culture. You are lucky that the Israeli series are excellent and known all over the world. 

To learn Hebrew even while walking or going to work, you can listen to podcasts. Ulpan Integraliah offers a series of free podcasts to learn Hebrew through situations. You can find all the episodes on the ulpan integraliah website or on podcast platforms like Spotify.

Finally, the best way to learn Hebrew is to have a teacher with whom you can talk and who will structure your learning. Ulpan integraliah offers you extraordinary courses to learn Hebrew. If you are in Israel you can come and learn in our classes in Tel Aviv. If not, we offer online courses, at a distance.

How do beginners learn Hebrew?

Usually beginners go to an Ulpan to learn Hebrew. An Ulpan, like Ulpan Integraliah, is a school that specializes in learning Hebrew, both written and spoken. 

Some people learn Hebrew from the Bible, prayer, books, songs, movies and TV shows.

What’s the best way to learn Hebrew?

The best way to learn Hebrew is to have a solid foundation. You can speak very good Hebrew if you know the rules of grammar, conjugation and some root vocabulary words. By learning in an Ulpan, at least at the beginning, you can ensure that you will be able to develop your Hebrew in the best possible way. 

Ulpan Integraliah was founded by immigrants. They know the difficulties of learning Hebrew and are able to help you avoid mistakes that Israelis themselves would not understand. Thanks to this empathy and adaptation of our teaching, you will be able to learn quality Hebrew in record time.

Where to learn Hebrew?

You can learn Hebrew in an Ulpan. An Ulpan is a school for learning the Hebrew language. If you are in a city with a large Israeli or Jewish population, you may be able to find a local Ulpan. You can also learn Hebrew at an online Ulpan, such as Ulpan Integraliah. This way, you can get the best Hebrew language instruction without leaving your room.

If you are in Israel, there are many Ulpan’s including Ulpan Integraliah in Tel Aviv.

Where to learn Hebrew in Tel Aviv?

If you are a new immigrant to Israel and have applied for Israeli citizenship, you can take advantage of free Hebrew language training at a State Ulpan. This works thanks to the voucher that the state gives you to learn Hebrew and be fully reimbursed. Fortunately, Ulpan Integraliah is a state Ulpan. You can learn Hebrew at Ulpan Integraliah and get a full refund.

If you are not making aliyah you can also learn Hebrew at Ulpan Integraliah but you will not be able to receive the state refund. This is the case in all Ulpan in Tel Aviv and more widely in Israel.

How to learn Hebrew online ?

You can register at Ulpan Integraliah. We offer 100% Hebrew language courses in English so you can learn Hebrew anywhere in the world. 

We also offer videos on Youtube and a podcast on Spotify and on our website.

How to learn Hebrew for free ?

You can find series or cartoons on Youtube for example. At Ulpan Integraliah, we have created videos available on our website or on Youtube to explain Hebrew words or expressions for free. We also have a free podcast to learn Hebrew available on our website or on Spotify and Google Podcast.

Is Hebrew a dead language?

Hebrew is a very special language. It is an ancient language that was extremely used. This language has been used only for religion and prayer for thousands of years. Then at the beginning of the 20th century, a man by the name of Eliezer Ben-Yehuda created modern Hebrew which is the language we speak today in Israel. Today Hebrew is not a dead language. It is the first language spoken in Israel ahead of Arabic, English and Russian.

About 9 million people in the world speak Hebrew.

Is Hebrew worth learning?

Learning Hebrew can be important under certain conditions. Here are some cases where learning Hebrew will help you tremendously:

  • movies and series: the Israeli series are extremely well known and appreciated around the world. Understanding Hebrew will not only allow you to better understand the series but also to see it before it is released in English.
  • Politics: If you want to understand Israeli politics you need to learn Hebrew so that you can get the information from the source and form your own opinion.
  • Religion and tradition: many religious texts are written in Hebrew. The Jewish prayer is written entirely in Hebrew. If you are a practicing Jew, it is obviously more interesting to pray by understanding the text you are reciting.
  • If you live in Israel and travel often, your experience and life in Israel will be dramatically different if you speak or if you don’t speak. Already from a practical point of view it is very complicated to live in Israel without speaking Hebrew: to do your shopping, to go to the bank, to get health care and to follow your children’s schooling. 

Is Hebrew harder than French?

From our point of view, Hebrew is much easier than French. Apart from the fact that you have to learn a new alphabet, the Hebrew language has far fewer words and an extremely simplified grammar. We think we can safely say that learning Hebrew is easier than learning French.

How long does it take to learn Hebrew fluently?

This is a difficult question because there are many elements to consider. How intensely do you plan to learn Hebrew? Learning Hebrew for an hour a week is not the same as doing an intensive Hebrew course for a few months. Learning Hebrew online is not the same as learning Hebrew while living in Israel and having to practice every moment. We can say without a doubt that learning Hebrew at Ulpan Integraliah in an intense and serious way, although our methods are fun and lively, while practicing through our free resources and activities, will allow you to learn Hebrew very quickly. We do not believe that there is an effective way to learn Hebrew.

We can tell you about cases that we have seen with our own eyes. Some of our students who did not speak Hebrew were able to find their dream job in large companies in less than a year thanks to the level of Hebrew they acquired with us.

What country do they speak Hebrew?

The only country in the world where Hebrew is officially spoken is Israel. However, an estimated 9 million people around the world speak Hebrew. About 5 million people speak Hebrew as their native language. The second most Hebrew speaking country, besides Israel, is the United States with 220,000 Hebrew speakers. 

Many people learn Hebrew for religious or cultural reasons, especially to understand the Bible in the original text. 

Many Jews around the world understand Hebrew in order to pray and study the Talmud (although some of it is not in Hebrew but in Aramaic).

It is also possible that you will hear people speaking Hebrew in whatever country you are in. Indeed, Israelis travel a lot. It is estimated that 10% of Israelis have dual nationality.

Is Biblical Hebrew different from Modern Hebrew?

Yes. Modern Hebrew differs from Biblical Hebrew. Modern Hebrew has more words than Biblical Hebrew. Biblical Hebrew has about 7000 words while Modern Hebrew has 3 times more words (about 33000). 

A person who speaks modern Hebrew will be able to understand Biblical Hebrew without much difficulty. The reverse is less obvious.

Many people who study the Talmud, for example, understand Biblical Hebrew perfectly but not necessarily Modern Hebrew, let alone Hebrew slang.

In terms of pronunciation, there are also many differences between ancient and new Hebrew. Not to mention the fact that depending on the origin, the pronunciation of ancient Hebrew also differs. To give you an example the letter tav ת is pronounced T by Sephardic Jews and S by Ashkenazi Jews.


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