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Learn Hebrew with Ulpan Integraliah

Ever wanted to negotiate prices at the shuk, watch Israeli TV shows and understand what your Israeli co-workers are saying? At Integraliah, you’ll learn Hebrew in a fun, dynamic and practical way while connecting to the uniquely amazing Israeli society and culture.


Ulpan Integraliah has the best reviews among all ulpans in Tel Aviv and ulpans in Israel.

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"Thanks to Ulpan Integraliah, I became totally independent in Israel, that was my goal."
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Sandro, Switzerland- Kona Pharma

"I got my dream job in Israel, I can now exploit my full potential. I.m so happy!"
ulpan integraliah reviews
Dasha, Russia - QA, Fiverr
"More than just lessons, each course is a real immersion in Israeli society".
ulpan integraliah testimonials
Yoel, France - Marketing Manager


Hebrew Podcast to learn hebrew everywhere, anytime

Every week, find out a new interesting podcast to learn Hebrew, whatever your level. Hebrew and Israeli culture will no longer hold any secrets for you.

Hebrew blog to learn hebrew and israeli culture

Stay up to date with all the cultural news in israel, israeli series, israeli songs, israeli food and much more.

Videos to learn hebrew the fun way

Learn Hebrew for free and from home with ulpan integraliah’s videos.

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Ulpan in modern Hebrew means studio. Ulpan is the word also used for hebrew schools. In Ulpan you learn to read Hebrew .
Ulpan is also used to learn Hebrew for beginners , conversational Hebrew , learn Hebrew words, practice reading Hebrew .

If you type Ulpan Tel Aviv, Ulpan Tel Aviv Telaviv , Ulpan near me , Hebrew class, Hebrew class near me , Ulpan online Online or Learn Hebrew on the search engines, you will probably find Ulpan Integraliah.

This Ulpan – Hebrew class – is located in Tel Aviv in the Rothschild neighborhood (south of Tel Aviv). The Hebrew courses are given in Tel Aviv classrooms but you can also learn Hebrew from home, thanks to the online Hebrew courses. Online Hebrew courses are for all levels of Hebrew, i.e. Hebrew for beginners, Hebrew lessons intermediate level or Hebrew advanced level.

ULPAN integraliah

Ahuzat Bayit St 3, Tel Aviv-Yafo