Test your Hebrew level online for free

Find out your hebrew level. test your hebrew level before starting an ulpan or simply to know what's your current hebrew level.

Can you read Hebrew? Do you know the Hebrew alphabet? Do you recognize hebrew letters ? Do you know some words in hebrew? How do you say “hello” in Hebrew? How do you say “thank you” in Hebrew? How do you say “I love you” in Hebrew? If you want to learn Hebrew with an Ulpan, improve your Hebrew or simply test your Hebrew level, here is a free questionnaire that allows you to test your Hebrew level. Answer all the questions below to find out your Hebrew level.

How to test hebrew level?

To test your Hebrew level you can create your own scoring system. For example, are you able to understand an advertising poster or an advertisement on the social media in Hebrew? An Israeli series? An Israeli TV show? A children’s book in Hebrew? A magazine in Hebrew? An Israeli economic or political newspaper such as Israel Hayom or Haaretz? A book in Hebrew? Are you able to have a conversation with a child in Hebrew? A bus driver? A person of your age? To introduce yourself in a job interview in Hebrew? Understand a recipe in Hebrew? There are a multitude of ways to test your own Hebrew level. At Ulpan Integraliah, we have put together a few questions that will help us tell you what your level of Hebrew is and if you should start an Ulpan.

Whats's The best method to learn hebrew?

Ulpan Integraliah is a language school that teaches you, unlike other Israeli ulpan or online ulpan, an extremely practical, useful and effective Hebrew that you will be able to use as soon as you’ll finish your Hebrew course with us. Young, friendly and dynamic teachers are available to help you reach your goals in Israel as fast as possible. Our goal at Ulpan Integraliah to make you become independent in Hebrew, so that you’ll never need us again. We believe that with our Ulpan you will be able to find the job of your dreams in Israel, make friends, find your soul mate … Simply live happily in Israel and master the Hebrew language quickly. Ulpan Integraliah understands the difficulty of integrating in Israel and learning Hebrew because it was created by new immigrants (Olim Chadashim). We have gathered all the best Hebrew language learning methods used by the most socially and professionally successful immigrants in Israel to teach you. You won’t waste time trying out the best Hebrew learning methods, we’ve already done the work for you.

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