Welcome in hebrew : how to say it correctly ?

welcome in hebrew

How do you welcome someone in Hebrew?

Welcome in hebrew is baruch aba or beruchim abaim in plural.

In hebrew, we write it like this : ברוך הבא in singular or ברוכים הבאים in plural.

We use the letters: Beth, Resh, Vav, Ch’et Sofit, He, Beth and Aleph, the first letter of Hebrew alphabet.

We literally bless the person who comes.

Baruch means “blessed“.

So in Hebrew we literally say : “blessed is the comer “.

how to say welcome in hebrew

How do you say welcome in Israel?

In Israel, Hebrew is the most spoken language, followed by Arabic, Russian and English.

Therefore, in Israel we mostly say Baruch Aba (ברוך הבא).

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About Hebrew

Hebrew is spoken in Israel and also among Jewish communities around the world. If you are planning to travel, learning Hebrew would be a great way to make the most of your trip.

welcome hebrew

Basic Hebrew Expressions: Translation and Phonetics

  • Hello/peace: Shalom 
  • Good morning : Boker Tov 
  • Good evening : Erev Tov 
  • Good Night : Laila Tov 
  • Goodbye to you : LeHitra’ot
  • Toda raba  : Thank you very much
  • Bevakasha : Please
  • How are you : Ma Nishma
  • Fine, thank you : Tov, toda
  • Enjoy your meal : Beteavon
  • One moment : Rega
  • Sorry : Slih’a 
  • Go in peace and return in peace!
  • (male) : Tzeth’a Leshalom VeShuvh’a Leshalom
  • Go in peace and return in peace! (female) : Tzeteh’ Leshalom VeShuveh’ Leshalom
  • Patience : Savlanout
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