When Will You Finally Speak Hebrew?

Not an ordinary ulpan - Learn Hebrew

Have you always dreamed of being able to talk about everything in Hebrew without feeling that your Hebrew vocabulary is limited? Most of the ulpanim offer traditional learning: traditional courses focused on grammar, homework, and a little time dedicated to conversation. At Integraliah, our approach is totally different. 

Learn Through Culture Directly in Hebrew

In our Intermediate program (aleph +), our students learn about the legendary Israeli secret agent, Eli Cohen. Ulpan students learn about Eli’s contribution to homeland security and about the way he managed his family life, and his sacrifices … in Hebrew. Our method focuses on learning the Hebrew language through a key character in Israeli culture. This is a way to improve both your Hebrew language skills and your knowledge of the Israeli culture. 

Want to learn more about Israel’s History? Join our unique workshop about Israel’s Great leaders in simplified Hebrew.

Learn Hebrew through Israeli TV Shows

Our TOTAHIM program (advanced level) offers an entertaining way to strengthen your Hebrew. The advanced class teaches Hebrew through the popular show “Fauda”. This show features the “Mista’arvim”, an Israeli unit of elite secret agents which are specially trained to carry out missions in enemy territory. This TV show is all in Hebrew. So students end up learning the Hebrew language while simultaneously learning about the Israeli lifestyle, history, and culture. Taking up-to-date Hebrew classes and learn through Israeli television is a nice way to practice and learn the language while connecting to the country and its culture. 


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Understand What’s Going On In Politics

TOTAHIM sessions also focus on complex topics in Israeli politics. Our classes raise controversial topics, which are commonly avoided in other ulpanim… in Hebrew! Politics is such a significant and central topic, which allows one to integrate into Israel, and understand the Israeli society. 

Integrate into the Israeli Society

Hebrew for Beginners’ (aleph) 7th session is called “Lo Liot Frayer” – “Do not be a newbie.” Thanks to well-chosen simulations, we learn about how to respond, react, negotiate and stay strong…in Hebrew. Connect to the Israeli mentality and get prepared for real life in Israel with a concrete, everyday-life oriented language class! 

Beginners also learn about Son Mondsein z’l, a young Israeli soldier who passed away during the protective border operation in Gaza. The topic of military service and the importance of Yom Hazikaron in Israel is also an important subject that we teach. Students are encouraged to express themselves and talk about social issues in Israel, which they will definitely need in their life on a daily basis. If your goal is to become an Israeli, everything starts with language! 

If you still listen to the news in English and you would like to make a change in your life, now is the time! Come speak Hebrew like an Israeli in the best ulpan in Tel Aviv, participate in discussions with your Israeli colleagues at work, and finally understand Israeli humor, it is never too late! 

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