ISRAELI SURVIVAL GUIDE: 10 Hebrew phrases to get by in Israel while on vacation


Are you coming to Israel for Passover? Spending a few weeks here over the summer? Are you itching to successfully have a conversation in Hebrew? Here are 10 phrases that will help you negotiate, order a sandwich, and even ask an Israeli out! What are you waiting for!?!!?!

#1 – How much does it cost – כמה זה עולה Kama ze ole?

#2 – I am not a pushover – אני לא פראייר – Ani lo frayer

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#3 – Do you have English menus? – יש לכם תפריטים – Yesh lakhem tafritim

#4 – Sorry, can you help? – סליחה, אפשר עזרה – Slikha, efshar ezra

#5 – How do we get to the shuk ? איך מגיעים לשוק – Ekh megiim la’shouk

#6 – Can I have the bill? אפשר חשבון – efshar kheshbon

#9 – I only speak a bit of Hebrew – אני מדבר קצת עברית – ani medaber ktzat ivrit

#10 – Where can I catch a cab? איפה אפשר למצוא מונית כאן – eifo efshar limtso monit kan

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