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The beauty queen of jerusalem netflix series

The beauty Queen of Jerusalem series synopsis

After ” Shtisel: A Family in Jerusalem” and “When Heroes Fly”, Michael Aloni is finally back in a new israeli series called ” The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem “. Available on Netflix from Friday, May 20, 2022, the Israeli series created by Shlomo Mashiach and directed by Oded Davidoff, will also bring together in the cast Hila Saada, Itzik Cohen (“Fauda”), Yuval Scharf, Mali Levi. The title role will be played by a new face: Swell Ariel Or.  

The series has already won four Israeli TV Oscars : Best Daily Drama, Supporting Actress, Best Artistic Direction, Best Visual Effects.

Based on the novel of the same name written by Sarit Yishai-Levi, “The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem” takes place in the early mid-twentieth century during the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate period and the Israeli War of Independence. It tells the multi-generational story of the Sephardic Ermosa family over ten episodes.

Rosa is a cleaning lady, who marries Michel Ermoza, a merchant, but he is in love with someone else. This choice will have an impact on his relationship with his eldest daughter Luna… The series is also a nugget from a historical point of view. It immerses the viewer in the history of the country, we discover the Turkish domination, the British mandate, the declaration of the State of Israel in 1947 and also describes the Arab-Israeli conflict of 1948/1949.

The beauty queen of jerusalem netflix

The series is available on Netflix. You can find many languages for the subtitles including English and French.

Today in August 2022 the season 1 and season 2 of The beauty Queen of jerusalem are available in full on Netflix.

Spoiler Alert

The beauty queen of Jerusalem season 1

It all begins in 1877 in Jerusalem, in a family in pre-state Palestine during the Ottoman Empire. These two episodes work in flashback between 1877, 1917, the period under the British mandate, and the beginning of the Israeli War of Independence.

Three sisters, Ermosa-Luna, Rachelika and Becky, live their first love, suffer and rebel against their parents in order to emancipate themselves. It is true that their mother is particularly severe and you’ll find out why…

The series makes us travel in time. The places, the costumes, the Judeo-Spanish traditions, the Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Ladino languages, everything is incredibly reconstituted.

Watch Online The beauty queen of Jerusalem season 1 episode 1 for free

The beauty queen of Jerusalem season 1: List of episodes.

1. Episode 1

In Jerusalem in 1919, Rosa, poor but determined, finds a job in a delicatessen, where she is attracted to the owners’ son; but he is already in love with a forbidden donna.

2. Episode 2

In 1920, Rosa tries to become more attractive in the hope of giving Gabriel a son; in 1937, two surprises, one joyful and one hateful, take place at a Purim party.

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3. Episode 3

In 1937, Ephraim is arrested, which tests Luna’s loyalty to her family. In 1922, Rochel now has a husband, but Gabriel finds a way to take him away from her.

4. Episode 4

In 1923, Gabriel has to choose between his son and Rochel; in 1937, Luna is under increasing pressure to name the terrorist and Rachelika is recruited for a cause.

5. Episode 5

In 1923, Gabriel receives an investment offer and Mercadoda finds a distraction for his son; in 1937, Rachelika agrees to help her uncle escape from prison.

6. Episode 6

In 1923, in Beirut, Gabriel finds a way to appease his longing for Rochel; in 1938, Rosa tries to thwart Luna’s budding romance with David, and Luna finds a job.

7. Episode 7

In 1938, a nun takes an interest in Luna and her dream of a career in fashion. In 1924, in Beirut, Gabriel wakes up and discovers he has been robbed.

8. Episode 8

In 1924, when Rosa’s mental health deteriorated, she called her brother; in 1938, Rachelika de pente found herself captivated by Tzachi.

9. Episode 9

In 1929, Efrain and his neighbor Victoria became close. In 1938, after seeing Luna in an advertisement, Tzachi became more interested in his older sister than in Rachelika.

10. Episode 10

In 1939, as the romance between Luna and Itamar intensifies, Tzachi spies on his former gang and gives James a clue. In 1929, a dispute over the Western Wall caused trouble.

The beauty queen of jerusalem season 2

The second half of the first season ends with Luna’s wedding, but there are still many storylines to explore. The book that the series is based on will go a long way to setting the stage for a sequel so has Netflix decided to order season 3 of Jerusalem’s Beauty? We already have the answer to that question!

The first episodes achieved outstanding ratings on the streaming platform and the drama quickly became the most popular series in Israel where it won numerous awards at the Israeli TV Academy Awards. The production of season 3 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem was therefore quickly put in motion and started a few weeks ago.

The beauty queen of Jerusalem season 2: List of episodes.

12. Episode 12

In 1939, a gift from her family brings Luna out of her depression; in 1929, Ephraim’s heroic act attracts the attention of a recruiter and a woman.

13. Episode 13

In 1929, Rosa suffers family symptoms and suspects the worst. When David withdraws from a dance contest, Luna proposes to be his partner.

14. Episode 14

In 1940, Rachelika confesses to her father that Luna is in Tel Aviv; in 1930, Ephraim hides dangerous ammunition in his house and makes peace with Victoria.

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15. Episode 15

Victoria gives the gun to alla politica; Gabriel enters quella esposizione di Rochel is dead; in 1941 the matchmaker sends a suitor to meet Ermosa.

16. Episode 16

Suor Zacks decides to sell her store and opens Luna and David’s eyes to recent events in Europe; Morduch, who swindled Gabriel, returns.

17. Episode 17

Mercado orders his son to sell his car; Ephraim takes revenge on Morduch; after baby Becky develops a serious rash, Jilda makes a grim diagnosis.

18. Episode 18

A rash-covered Mercada returns with Jilda, who channels an accusation from beyond the grave; Luna warns Victoria that her son wants to go fight in the war.

19. Episode 19

Mercado returns from Spain in 1941; he bequeaths David’s letter; in 1936, Gabriel spends lavishly on gifts for his family; Luna and Matilda become close.

20. Episode 20

After Gabriel falls behind on his payments, a pawnbroker pays him a personal visit; Luna asks Jilda if David is alive; Rochel returns to Jerusalem.

Behind the Scene

The beauty queen of jerusalem season 3

In fact, it’s not really season 3 but rather the second season because as a reminder, Netflix divided the first season into two parts that were composed of ten episodes each. The wait between the two parts was not long since they were filmed at the same time!

Unfortunately this will not be the case for season 3 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem, which started production last month. We don’t know yet if the streaming platform has decided to order the same number of episodes or if the next parts might be slightly shorter.

The success of the original creation is not surprising when you know that the book on which the series is based has sold 300,000 copies worldwide. Normally, the storyline would take us back to the late 1970s. It is therefore possible that season 3 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem is the last (or rather the second season …).

When will the trailer for season 3 be released ?

If the production started only a few weeks ago, then the trailer of the season 3 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem will not be released for a long time. Don’t expect to see Luna again before 2023 because it is almost impossible that the production will be finished before the end of the year … In the meantime, you can always watch this video that shows us the behind-the-scenes shooting of the first season :

What is the release date for season 3 of The beauty queen of jerusalem on netflix?

The streaming platform has not yet made an announcement regarding the release of the next episodes online since the health crisis could disrupt the shooting of season 3 of The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem and thus upset the plans of the producers … It will take at least a year before we can binge-watch the continuation of the series.

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The release date of the season 3 of La Belle de Jérusalem will thus be in July or August 2023 according to our first estimates. Obviously we will have more information in a few months, when the shooting of the episodes will have progressed well.

For the moment, we just have to wait but unlike many other original creations, at least we are sure to find our heroes very soon!

Where does The beauty queen of Jerusalem take place ?

According to Yes Distribution, this is one of the most expensive productions in the history of Israeli television. The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem was filmed all over the country, as well as in the historical sites of Jerusalem and Safed.

The beauty Queen of jerusalem netflix cast

Swell Ariel Or

Luna Armoza

Hila Saada

Rosa Armoza

Michael Aloni

Gabriel Armoza

Yuval Scharf


Luna Mansour


Irit Kaplan

Mercada Armoza

Mali Levi

Victoria Franco

Tom Hagi

Efraim Siton

Tamir Ginsburg

Itamar Ben Moshe

Itzik Cohen


Miki Kam


Omer Dror

Tzachi Toledano

Hisham Suliman


Sarel Piterman

Kalman Leibowitz

Dov Navon

Alfred Zachs

Moris Cohen

Raphael Armoza

Dan Mor


Yarden Toussia Cohen


Kobi Marziano


The beauty queen of jerusalem series review

According to the website viewers rated this TV series 7/10. 

On the specialized website the viewers’ rating is also 7/10.

Another personal opinion after having watched season 1 and season 2 and that we found the season a little slow but that we could not magically pick up. We watched season two in one go and found it excellent and captivating. The settings, the costumes, the dialogues and the underlying stories make all the beauty of the series the beauty queen of Jerusalem. 

Who is The beauty queen of jerusalem

If you type this exact question on Google the answer is Luna… Does Google really know? 

At the time of writing season 3 of The beauty queen of jerusalem is not yet released.

It will undoubtedly have some big surprises in store for us.

We will let you enjoy the show to find the answer… 

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