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Learning Hebrew can be complicated. Not because Hebrew is a complicated language but because it is complicated to learn Hebrew without practice. Practice Hebrew Now. Small Talk allows you to create Hebrew practice groups. Improve your Hebrew every day.

How to practice hebrew? We all know that the best way to learn Hebrew is to speak but we don’t always have the right partners to do so...
Integraliah's "Small Talk" allows you to schedule free Hebrew practice sessions with your friends and people from all over the world in one click.
How does it work? Watch the video!

Download our material to have your first HEBREW 'Small talk'

Download materials Ulpan Integraliah prepared for you to have your first Hebrew “smalltalks” with friends!

Download materials Ulpan Integraliah prepared for you to have your first Hebrew “smalltalks” with friends!

Download materials Ulpan Integraliah prepared for you to have your first Hebrew “smalltalks” with friends!

How to Practice Hebrew?

Learning Hebrew in books or in a classroom only can be boring. 

One comes to learn Hebrew with a lot of motivation but motivation decreases more and more as the weeks go by. 

We have observed this at Ulpan Integraliah in our Hebrew classes in Tel Aviv. 

So we decided to create other programs to complement the classroom and online hebrew courses. 

We regularly create videos to learn Hebrewblog articles to improve your Hebrew and Hebrew Podcasts for all levels. 

Our latest project to practice your Hebrew? 

Ulpan Integraliah Small Talk. 

This program allows you to improve your hebrew for free. 

Just follow the tutorial to create a group very simply and practice hebrew together.

What is the Best Technic to Practice Hebrew?

Hebrew is not a Latin language so to translate from English to Hebrew, from Spanish to Hebrew, from French to Hebrew etc.

It may be more complicated. 

Hebrew on the other hand is a very young language (modern Hebrew of course), so there are a lot of words borrowed directly from Latin languages. 

The only way to discover them is to practice Hebrew. 

Reading these words can be very complicated, but when you hear them you can recognize them very easily. 

We, at Ulpan Integraliah are absolutely convinced that speaking Hebrew, practicing Hebrew even if you make some mistakes is the best way to learn Hebrew

First of all because we dare to speak Hebrew, but also because if we make small mistakes, our interlocutor can correct us directly.  

So, next time, we won’t make that mistake again. 

By practicing often we make fewer and fewer mistakes.

In conclusion, the best way to learn Hebrew (or any language for that matter) is to learn Hebrew grammar and Hebrew conjugation in books and with teachers, to listen to Hebrew and television, in Israeli series or in podcasts and to speak Hebrew with other people to listen to each other speak, to dare, to realize our weaknesses and to set new goals. 


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