3 Amazing Opportunities To Improve Your Hebrew

Forget about notebooks and join our upcoming events to practice and improve your Hebrew in the most efficient and fun way! ✅Practice Yoga….In Hebrew! Join a three-session yoga course – TAUGHT in simple Hebrew and formulated specifically for Olim who wish to improve their Hebrew in a fun, fit, and practical way!➡Information and registration here: https://urlz.fr/9ZXe ✅Theater […]

The 5 Best Brunch Spots In Tel Aviv!

What is your favorite brunch spot in Tel Aviv? This question comes up time and time again and usually ends with people agreeing to disagree. We have listed the 5 brunch places our students know and love! What do you think about their choices? #1 Xoho From the outside, it seems like just another noisy […]

Classement 2019: les 5 meilleurs brunch de Tel Aviv!

Quel est le meilleur brunch à Tel Aviv? Voici une question qui revient souvent et qui ne cesse de diviser. A l’approche de l’été et pour mettre tout le monde d’accord, nous avons répertorié pour vous nos coups de coeur de l’année 2019. Beteavon (“Bon appétit”!) 1# Xoho Lorsque vous passez devant, vous vous dîtes […]

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