Today we will learn a new word “Be’emet”.

באמת – Ulpan Integraliah – Learn Hebrew Online. Today we will learn a new word Be’emet. Hi guys what’s up? Today we’ll talking About a very very important word In Hebrew “Be’emet” So what is “Be’emet” really means ? Exactly this: “Be’emet” means really so for example, if I’m going to the Shuk and the […]

Yossi Vardi – The Jewish Mother and the Start Up Nation

Entrepreneur Yossi Vardi, who has supported the development of 86 companies in 40 years, deciphers the economic, social, cultural and psychological reasons behind the success of the “Israel Valley”. He is the “pope” of Israeli innovation and one of the best ambassadors of the “Israel Valley” to the world. At 72, Yossi Vardi has already […]

This is the story of Gilad Shalit in 30sec

gilad shalit story

Gilad Shalit was born in Israel. He joined the Israeli army in 2005. After a year of exercise, the corporal is taken prisoner by Hamas soldiers in an ambush. He will spend five years in hamas prison. Gilad Shalit or Guilad Shalit, (Hebrew: גלעד שליט), born August 28, 1986 in Nahariya, Israel, is an Israeli […]

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