Today we will learn a new word “Be’emet”.


באמת – Ulpan Integraliah – Learn Hebrew Online. Today we will learn a new word Be’emet.

Hi guys what’s up?

Today we’ll talking

About a very very important word

In Hebrew


So what is “Be’emet” really means ?

Exactly this: “Be’emet” means really

so for example, if I’m going to the Shuk and the seller

says the mango cost hundred shekels per kilo.

I say “Be’emet?” Really?

And he says “Be’emet?” Really? and then

learn hebrew word beemet

The best way for you to reply is

“Nu Be’emet!”

which means

“Come on!”.

Or for example

If someone says that there will be

Fifth election in Israel

I say “Nu Be’emet!”

See you guys on the next video.

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