Nehama: The Israeli Must Watch TV Show

nehama serie israeli show

What is Nehama about?

Following the death of his wife, Nehama, an eternally dissatisfied hypochondriac, and devoted father of five decides to change his life.

In the midst of a family crisis, he decides to leave the reassuring world of high-tech to embark on a career as a stand-up comedian, that which he has dreamed of since he was a teenager.

The pitch is tragic, and yet this israeli show is very funny.

Why do we recommend Nehama to you? 

nehama serie israeli show

Because we love Reshef Levi, the author and lead actor of this series.

He himself is a stand-up comedian, father of a large family (7 children!), and madly in love with his wife whom he has known since high school – just like Nehama on the show.

Reshef Levi lost one of his brothers to AIDS, and in this series he offers a touching and surprising reflection on grief.

Reshef Levi received an acting award for her role in the series at the Cannes Series Festival

Is Nehama a good series to progress in Hebrew?


You discover the daily life of an average Israeli family.

The vocabulary is simple and the series gives you a tall order: understanding Hebrew jokes.

Start watching it tonight. 

5 words to know to better understand the series? 

‎אבל mourning evel.

משפחה mishpakha family.

קומיקאי comedian komikai.

חלום dream halom.

משבר אמצע החיים midlife crisis mashber emtsa ha’haim. 

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