5 Israeli Summer Songs You Must Add To Your Playlist RIGHT NOW ๐ŸŽง

5 Israeli Summer Songs You Must Add To Your Playlist RIGHT NOW ๐ŸŽง

Have you just returned home from Israel? Miss it much? Are you a new immigrant, nostalgic about your magical summer in Tel Aviv? Interested in hearing Hebrew as often as you can? 
Add these 5 songs to your playlist and you will never forget this summer. You will thank us. 

1# ‘Shevet Ahim veโ€™ahaiot’ – Lyrics: Doron Medali, Music Composition: Idan Raichel

What started as a project at Israeli radio station Galgalatz quickly turned into a national sensation. 34 Israeli singers recorded this amazing song that discusses the Jewish people and their attachment to the land of Israel. 

‘Shevet Ahim Ve Ahaiot’

#2 ‘Haโ€™ivrit Haโ€™hadasha’ – Hatikva 6

The very popular hip-hop group “Hatikva 6” surprised everyone with its new song “Ha’ivrit Ha’hadasha”, or the “the new Hebrew.โ€ The text lists all the words imported from English in today’s Hebrew and recalls the original vision of Eliezer Ben Yehuda, the creator of modern Hebrew.

Hatikva 6

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#3 ‘Temperatura’ – Omer Adam

Ahh, Omer Adam, current Israeli hearthrob and the greatest Mizrahi singer of our generation. Another summer, another hit. Keep them coming Omer!

#4 ‘Bananot’ – Statik and Ben El

With their song “bananot”, Statik and Ben El take us to Africa – Take a few minutes to watch the clip!

 #5 โ€œMiโ€™ma at mefakhedetโ€ – Eyal Golan and Bnaia Barabi

Two musical giants come together, as Eyal Golan is joined by rising star Bnaia Barabi on a song that was played thousands of times on Israeli radio summer. 

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