The 5 best Hebrew expressions to use in Israel when you can’t take it anymore!


What can be more natural than to get mad in the language in the country you live in? Imagine someone is trying to rip you off or someone skips the entire line in front of you – you want to be able to react, to defend yourself, to scream, but the words aren’t coming out in Hebrew. Here are the 5 expressions you can use today in Hebrew that will let you speak your mind freely! We particularly like the second one 😉

אני לא פראייר – Ani lo frayer

Real Usage: I am not a sucker! Use it when you think they are overcharging or taking advantage when you want to buy an item or service.

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צא לי מהוריד – Tse li me’havrid

Literally : Get out of my veins – Slang : Leave me alone. Use it when you are extremely pissed and someone just won’t let you rest.

אתה צוחק עליי – Ata tzokhek alaï

Literally :  You’re making fun of me? Real Usage : You don’t care about me / You’re playing with me? Use it when someone is openly making fun of you.

עזוב, לא צריך – Azov, lo tsarikh

Real Usage: Forget about it, you don’t need it. Use it when you’re not only mad, but also disappointed.

אין מבצ – Ein matsav

Literally : There is no situation. Real Usage: “No Way!” “There’s no questions about it”  or “That’s impossible”. Use it when someone is proposing or telling you something unexpected.

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